Funny how the world sees "real women. . ."

Evidenced by all the Real Housewives of. . . shows which seem to be overtaking our televisions, it appears that the world believes we should all be wealthy, pampered, enviable, catty, curvaceous, gorgeous, and more. While we may be gorgeous, most of us are not rich or spoiled or even catty. We are ~ simply put ~ real.

The idea for this blog came after watching a few of those real housewives shows and realizing just how skewed the views of everyday life can be through the eyes of these women. Particularly to those of us in the trenches, working day-in-day-out to take care of ourselves, our children, our parents, our spouses/partners. Those of us who are out there earning a living, who may be dealing with catastrophic events or troubled children or medical issues or partner concerns.

This is a call to all women everywhere who live everyday lives and who want to simply do their best as they love all, laugh often, and live fully. Let us unite with our whole heart and soul, with humanity and grace, with vigor and hope. We are women and we are thankful to be so!

Monday, January 31, 2011

My Monday Hero - Tiffany - Grace of a Goddess

Tiffany. An elegant name for an elegant woman. A magnificent and delightful young lady who has had to face one of the most difficult trials I believe a young wife must be called upon to handle. And she has done so with such grace, such majesty, such refinement. 

Last summer Tiffany and her husband Brett were expecting their third child. I could always tell, just by looking at the two of them, how much love and devotion they had for one another. They held each other in the highest esteem. Their love permeated the very air around them. . .and everyone who was within their immediate vicinity. But one very dark day Tiffany was informed by the U.S. Coast Guard that the helicopter her husband had been on was missing in transit from the west coast of the lower 48 to its home base in Sitka, Alaska.  From the Anchorage Daily News:  

SEATTLE -- Three members of a Coast Guard helicopter crew were killed Wednesday morning in a crash off La Push, Wash., and a fourth crew member, who was pulled from the water soon after the aircraft went down, suffered a broken arm and a broken leg.

Tiffany, with Grace of a Goddess, continues her life in a manner which proves that love knows no bounds. Teaching her children about this life and about Daddy. Tiffany, her two young boys, and Baby Kira ~ moving forward as a family that will remain solid and strong throughout this life and well into the next. An example beyond compare, I applaud you, Tiffany. I applaud your character, your class, your stateliness. I am blessed to know you!

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Monday Hero - Patty - "Embrace the Roller Coaster!"

She should be a model! The beauty on the outside more than equals the beauty on the inside of my dear friend, Patty. Brilliant, witty, poised, and gorgeous, one would never know that she is the mother of three children: a grown son, a teenage daughter, and a soon-to-be-teenage son (she sure doesn't look older than 25, does she?). She is self-possessed, watchful, and unique. One of her most admirable qualities is that she is direct in her interactions. She does not speak ill of others, she does not spread rumors. When Patty gives a compliment, it is the warmest of treasured thoughts. And she lives by that wise Shakespearean adage: Love all. Trust a few. Do wrong to none.  

Although at times Patty appears to lead that ever-elusive *charmed* life, I recently realized just how human she is when she said, "I have simply decided to embrace the roller-coaster!" I watch her as she works tirelessly to overcome day-to-day challenges with a happy heart, a sustained soul, and a smile on her face. 

Patty, you are this week's Monday Hero - I want to be just like you when I grow up!

Falling Off a High-Heeled Life: The Umbrella ~ for living

Falling Off a High-Heeled Life: The Umbrella ~ for living

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mother Nature's Prelude to Valentine's Day

Last Sunday, amidst all the fallen snow, an extraordinary discovery was made ~ the most natural of nature's blessings!

Beautiful and real, love does indeed abound!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Monday Hero - Sarah Palin

(Apologies for posting My Monday Hero on Tuesday - MLK day was a busy one with little computer time!)

This week I am straying from highlighting a hero I know, to one I admire from a distance. Sarah Palin is one of those rare but strong figures who is able to be in the public eye, maintain her moral value system, keep her family and marriage strong, and still hold her head high regardless of who may be trying to diminish her. This is a woman who has five beautiful children whom she loves unconditionally. She happily carried and gave birth to a Down Syndrome child while maintaining her duties as Governor. Her husband, Todd, is effectively able to be a strong, rugged, American man ~ and still thrive with his equally strong wife. What a blessing!

I have never met Governor Palin in person ~ I have heard the stories from many people who have. She remains the comfortable, accepting woman in private who we see in public. As a modern-day "pioneer" she reminds me of pioneer women of yesteryear. She is a trailblazer of utmost integrity. She is an exceptional role-model for our children - both girls and boys. Regardless of whether one is a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, or anything else, it cannot be argued that Ms. Palin is a formidable figure. She has influence throughout the United States and beyond. A "force to be reckoned with," Sarah Palin is an example to us all. She has a talent for expressing her opinions, standing up for what she believes to be right, and acknowledging when errors have been made.

She is at once fascinating and controversial, unique and characteristic. An incredible woman who has already made a splash in this world of ours, Sarah Palin connects with us in a way no other politician has been able to do. She touches the sensitive spirit in all women. She encourages strength and compassion. Her ability to maintain consistency in all aspects of her life is just one more quality to admire.  

A tribute to you, Governor Palin. Keep your head high and your feet on the ground ~ you inspire us!  

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Monday Hero - Juli

You know, they say that people come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. This week's Monday Hero is my lifetime friend, Juli. Since we were 15 years old, Juli and I have been friends through all that life has thrown at us. She is the friend I can just start right back up with regardless of the number of days or months or years that have passed -- you know who that friend is, we all have them. She was my best friend in high school, my bridesmaid in my twenties, my confidant when things didn't go so well in my forties, and my trusted and devoted best friend forever. Juli has been through excruciating health problems in recent years, yet she loves and laughs and cares more and stronger than ever. With her wit, her intelligence, and her infectious laughter, she exudes a strength which is difficult to emulate. . .yet emulate is what she inspires others to do!

My Monday Hero
The decades pass, we develop a few wrinkles and lots of road beneath our feet. We recognize what we take with us when we pass on into the eternities and what we leave behind as our legacy. We know that our intellect, our spirits, and our relationships have no bounds; they remain a part of who we are throughout this life and the next. Those people we love and care for will always be. 

Juli ~ you are my heart-friend and my Monday Hero! I love you and appreciate you always! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

For the New Year: My Monday Hero - Angie

" 'You call, pack, get on the plane. I take care of everything else.' Each fish trip is customized, personalized. You want it, she gets it, brokering absolutely everything from fishing licenses. . .to airline reservations, hotels, B&B's, lodges, meals, charter boats, night life, sack lunches, tours of the critically historic town and throws in a bunch of pleasant side ventures, including shopping sprees for non-angling companions. Cell phone in her ear, notebook in hand, and a toddler on her lap, she confirms, books, shuffles, brokers, solves, shifts, buys, recommends and takes us to dinner."

Such was written by Terry W. Sheely in The Reel News a few years ago, effectively describing our awesome Alaskan Angie! Since that time, she has moved out of the fishing charter business, but has kept her contacts and connections throughout the world. People still speak very highly of Angie's work ethic, her ability to juggle more at one time than most are able to handle in a day, and the compassion with which she interacts with everyone. 

I salute you, Angie my friend, having come through multiple trials and tribulations, all the while remaining the loving and kind and committed woman you have always been. You are my first Monday Hero!