Funny how the world sees "real women. . ."

Evidenced by all the Real Housewives of. . . shows which seem to be overtaking our televisions, it appears that the world believes we should all be wealthy, pampered, enviable, catty, curvaceous, gorgeous, and more. While we may be gorgeous, most of us are not rich or spoiled or even catty. We are ~ simply put ~ real.

The idea for this blog came after watching a few of those real housewives shows and realizing just how skewed the views of everyday life can be through the eyes of these women. Particularly to those of us in the trenches, working day-in-day-out to take care of ourselves, our children, our parents, our spouses/partners. Those of us who are out there earning a living, who may be dealing with catastrophic events or troubled children or medical issues or partner concerns.

This is a call to all women everywhere who live everyday lives and who want to simply do their best as they love all, laugh often, and live fully. Let us unite with our whole heart and soul, with humanity and grace, with vigor and hope. We are women and we are thankful to be so!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

God's Artistry

High above the mountains of Southcentral Alaska one can see the glorious and enviable birds-eye view of glaciers, snow-capped mountain tops, and height-loving animals. Witness the incredible hand of God in this artistry!

Sheridan Glacier - Cordova, Alaska

Child's Glacier - Cordova, Alaska

 A July midnight peek at Prince William Sound - Cordova, Alaska

Sherman Glacier from the air - Southcentral Alaska

Where the mountain goats live - 
the steep mountainsides of Cordova, Alaska

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  1. breath taking images .. thank you for sharing them with us.. HHL